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Tengizchevroil Oil Field and Refinery

In the deserts of Kazakhstan the summer temperatures can reach +45’C, while in the winter it can plummet to as low as -45’C.

When we were commissioned to provide 3 large 28x12m switchgear modules to the remote 1,600 square mile Tengizchevroil (TCO) oil field there were two primary challenges:

  • Keeping equipment and personnel warm – or cool – in these extreme conditions.
  • Transporting these large units to such a remote location.

An additional problem on-site was the high air-concentration of sulphur. It is capable of blackening copper – affecting conductivity – and stripping silver. Bradgate modules provide a safe haven in this forbidding environment, protecting complex and expensive equipment as well as the employees. The modules were fitted at our facility with fire and gas protection, as well as a HVAC system that acted as an advanced air conditioning and filtering system, controlling what comes into the module, and at what temperature.

The challenge of transportation was met through excellent planning and our experienced understanding of the logistics: The modules were sent out in two sections by ship and via a protracted route that included canals and the Caspian sea – timing was paramount to ensure the Caspian sea wasn’t frozen.

When they reached their destination Bradgate experts were on hand to supervise the re-commissioning of the modules – along with the fire and gas protection, and the HVAC.

Being outside the EU there was plenty of red tape to negotiate. We are fully approved by the TCO procurement list and all Bradgate supplied products have export passports for entry into Kazakhstan.