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Plant room &

ventilation Solutions

Cutting out the noise and weather

Generators are often installed as an integral part of a building in such a way that the major part of the generator’s enclosure in formed from the existing brick or concrete walls. While these walls can offer excellent noise protection, this may be reduced by the need for apertures to provide cooling and aspiration for the engine.

Weather louvres

In harsh environments where the climate, location or industrial processes create large amounts of dust, extra protection can be provided by motorised gravity and fixed blade louvres.

Motorised and gravity louvres

Gravity flap louvres are self-operating pressure relief blades that can be counter-balanced for use in areas where the equipment may be sensitive to dust.

Splitter attenuators

Bradgate creates splitter attenuators that are manufactured to the highest possible specification to restore the appropriate level of noise protection. Splitter attenuators can be installed virtually anywhere that a customer needs standby power, especially in city buildings where space is at a premium.

Acoustic doors

Bradgate manufacture single and double acoustic doors with a choice of three levels of sound reduction – 30dB, 35dB and 45dB – to provide a high degree of noise control.

Acoustic louvres

Acoustic Louvres are designed and built to reduce noise levels at source and help meet specific noise reduction requirements within and without the building. Where space is limited, Bradgate acoustic louvres provide excellent sound attenuation and good protection from the weather, even over shorter lengths. They are manufactured in a variety of paint finishes and can be colour matched to a customer’s specification.