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Design &


The design team use state-of-the-art 3D software to develop engineering solutions that incorporate a range of features intended to meet particular site requirements or operational conditions.

The Bradgate design team is fully skilled and experienced in the following disciplines:

  • Structural steel analysis and design
  • Load case analysis of structures (Lift and transportation)
  • Thermal engineering
  • Noise control/acoustic engineering
  • Electrical design
  • Fire/Gas detection and automatic fire extinguisher system design
  • HVAC design
  • Blast analysis of structures
  • Seismic analysis of structures
  • Project management

The importance of supporting documentation and design proof has never been higher. Bradgate has an in-house team of qualified and experienced engineers that can produce the necessary information and calculations to satisfy the most stringent specification.

Quality Management

  • Structural steel analysis and design
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Electrical test certifi cates
  • Material certifi cation
  • Quality plans
  • Inspection and test procedures
  • F.A.T acceptance

Technical Documentation

3rd Party Certification

  • Lloyds
  • DNV
  • ABS
  • BV

Structural & Mechanical Design

Structural and mechanical design to UK and International standards which include:

  • Normal and extreme environmental loadings
  • Blast loadings
  • Seismic loadings
  • Lifting and transportation loadings

Fire Rating

  • In accordance with Solas requirements

Acoustic Design

  • Noise impact assessments (BS4142)
  • Bespoke attenuation design
  • Noise level predictions (EEMUA 140, BS EN 9613 BS EN 3746)

HVAC Design

  • Heat loss/gain calculations in accordance with CIBSE guidelines
  • Pressure loss predictions
  • Fan selections
  • Air conditioning plant selection and design