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At Bradgate, we design bespoke containers for the petrochemical industry. Customers often have specific requirements but we provide many valuable features with our product and service as standard, including detail mechanical and electrical design, dedicated project management and quality management.


Petrochemical Containers

At Bradgate, we have over 35 years’ experience manufacturing bespoke containers for the petrochemical industry, understanding the compliance and performance expected of the containers needed in this industry.

The bespoke containers we manufacture can be made from carbon or stainless steel, depending upon the requirements of your project to ensure durability and life expectancy. Our specialists can provide advice on the best design and solution for you, and we use in-house engineers for structural calculations and modelling of all our petrochemical containers.

The main advantage of a petrochemical container from Bradgate is the complete package we provide: Our engineers can perform physical lift tests on your container, which can be fitted with a range of ancillary equipment including fire dampers and fire & gas detection systems.


Onshore Containers

We understand our customers’ industrial activities require highly specialised noise and environmental controls – this is to ensure the safety of employees and limit the impact on of their activities on the environment.

Our Bradgate onshore containers include a wide range of features designed specifically for their use and location. Our containers can be produced to ISO standards and bespoke specifications, so you can be rest assured they work well with your existing setup, whatever environmental risks you have to consider. Features include sloping roofs for water discharge, fire and gas detection systems and top & bottom lifting for ease.


Offshore Containers

The containers we design for offshore use are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of being at sea, whether it’s on a rig or open water. Our offshore containers are often used in the oil and gas industries, so we understand our customers are based all over the globe. One of the main benefits of Bradgate’s offshore containers is that they are adaptable to all extremes, and are made completely of steel and feature fully welded construction throughout, and thermal lining.

At Bradgate we design custom offshore containers, or standard containers with modifications, to ensure your exact requirements are met.

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