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Splitter attenuators
Plant room & ventilation

Splitter attenuators in action.

Bradgate creates splitter attenuators that are manufactured to the highest possible specification to restore the appropriate level of noise protection. Splitter attenuators can be installed virtually anywhere that a customer needs standby power, especially in city buildings where space is at a premium.


Our own, experienced installation team, provides a skilled service. This is especially valuable when the equipment needs to be installed in difficult or tight spaces.

Product Features

Product Features

  • Fixed weather louvres
  • Bird mesh
  • Manually operated louvres
  • Motorised louvres (24v DC or 240v AC)
  • Aluminium construction
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Demountable construction
Splitter attenuator with generator inside.
Red splitter attenuator in place.