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Soundproof containers enclose or isolate noisy machinery located either inside or outside.


The reason for the need for sound proof containers is that diesel generators and other industrial machinery can be extremely loud, so loud in fact that they can damage the hearing of people working or living nearby. It is for exactly this reason that The Control of Noise at Work Regulations were passed in 2005. The aim of these regulations is to ensure that the noise above certain levels is soundproofed or damped so that people in the environment do not suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus.


The onus is on employers to ensure that employees, neighbours and passers by are not exposed to unsafe levels of industrial noise from generators or any other machinery. In general, and where practical, generators can be isolated within a container or enclosure. Alternatively, if the machinery is located where noise is not an issue to neighbours, a soundproofed ‘refuge’ can be created to isolate personnel from a noisy exterior environment.


Soundproofed containers are usually made from steel and then lined with sound absorbent-materials. These materials can be in several layers as different frequencies of sound are absorbed by different materials. One or more layers will be included specifically to absorb higher frequencies. Lower frequencies present a different challenge and require a different material and layout to ensure that the full range of sound is fully absorbed and dissipated.


The actual materials and the design of the sound proofing layers used in each container will be determined by the frequency range that the machinery or equipment generates. The design team at Bradgate Containers use state of the art software to develop engineering solutions that allow us to design our soundproofed acoustic containers, based on the frequencies the machinery within emits.


The weak points relating to sound proofing containers can be the doors and joints. For this reason, Bradgate uses high quality, high-performance seals on the fitted acoustic doors and all welding is carried out by Lloyds certified welders in accordance with EN288 & EN287.


Bradgate Containers are either made to standard ISO dimensions or bespoke to customer specifications. In either case, when fully fitted, structures need transporting and lifting into place, the structure of Bradgate Containers is second to none.


Acoustic containers include the following product features:

• Fire detection & suppression

• Double or single doors for equipment and personnel access

• Vandal resistant stainless steel hinges

• High performance seals

• Internal panic release for personnel emergency exit

• Supply, install and testing of electrical services in accordance with IEE Regulations


The full range of product features for sound proofed containers can be seen on our Acoustic Containers page.


Bradgate Containers are experts in the manufacture of acoustic containers that are used in some of the most extreme environments across the world.


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