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REB & PSP in the Railway IndustryLatest News

Relocatable Equipment Buildings or REBs are modular buildings designed to house railway signalling, telecoms and power systems such as UPS systems, alongside the track, allowing safety-critical data to be delivered locally.


The buildings are relocatable in that they are constructed on site at our manufacturing premises in Leicestershire, then delivered and installed on site by our team of professional installers and, if necessary, these units can be moved to a different location, should requirements change.


Equipment and cabling can be fitted at our manufacturing premises where it can be functionally tested prior to delivery to site


The benefits of our relocatable equipment buildings include:

• Bespoke design for the different requirements across the industry

• Digital designed to be strong, long lasting constructions.

• Personnel access doors, fitted with external single point locking slam handles and internal push-pad panic releases. Security

• Adaptability. Designed to accommodate LV and MV switchgear as well as UPS and batteries. 

• Longevity with minimum maintenance

• The ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and designed with a shallow apex to the container roof to avoid rainwater gathering.


The range of REB modules we have supplied to the rail industry range in size from 11m to 23m, housing Switchgear delivering increased traction power for the increased number of trains running. We also supply bespoke containers for vital signalling equipment, PSPs (Principal Supply Points) and SSPs (Signalling Supply Points).


Our team of designers use state of the art software to develop engineering solutions that meet the specific requirements of each commission. Designing to IP65 standards, our Relocatable Equipment Buildings can incorporate features such as air cooling if required.


Bradgate are a trusted supplier to Network Rail having delivered over 150 units over many years. Our proven ability to deliver large orders to the deadline and our experience of tailoring containers to meet a wide variety of requirements means that our customers can rely on our expertise and reliability.


Bradgate are experts in the manufacture of relocatable equipment buildings. For information on any of our products and services, contact Bradgate on 01509 508678 or email