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Protecting Machinery In Extreme EnvironmentsLatest News

At Bradgate, we pride ourselves on designing bespoke containers for extreme environments. Our containers are perfect for keeping equipment, or people, safe in a range of environments from desert to Icelandic.


Extreme Environments

Desert temperatures on average range between 20° to 35° with highs of 50° and lows of 0°. Meanwhile, in Iceland, temperatures generally range between 0° to -10°, with lows of -30°. These extremes can affect the performance and casings of all types of machinery and should be a major consideration when deciding on plant location.

Air pollution is another massive problem industry currently faces. Machinery service life is reduced when exposed to air pollution, to the point that the annual cost of corrosion equates to 3% of the world’s GDP.

For instance, when the level of sulphur in the atmosphere is sufficiently high, it is capable of blackening copper, affecting conductivity and stripping silver.

Other types of damage include structural failing, changes in porosity, discolouration, embrittlement and general degradation. Protection of machinery in such corrosive environments is therefore essential.

Desert conditions

Designing Machine Enclosures for Harsh Weather Systems

When designing containers to protect equipment in challenging conditions, a full and careful survey of the environment must be completed in the preparatory stages of the project. This ensures the correct range of features are incorporated into the design so that the container will meet the site’s requirements and conditions.

The areas our design team consider when creating a bespoke container include:

• The structural analysis required for the site and environment

• Blast analysis of the structure

• Seismic analysis


• Noise control

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