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The case for moving a plant room out of a main office building and into an external, specially designed container is something that can be considered from two separate viewpoints. Firstly, for the benefit of releasing additional workspace for an expanding workforce, especially where space is at a premium, and secondly, for the benefit of any machinery and equipment. When industrial equipment is contained in a designated space, specifically created with all the necessary ventilation, dust protection and heating controls, it helps ensure the machinery functions to its maximum longevity.

Machinery such as diesel generators, water heaters, heating and air conditioning units can create contaminants such as heat, vapours or fumes which need to be removed safely with suitable plant room ventilation. On the other hand, such equipment needs protection from the weather and dust ingress and yet another consideration is ensuring the noise created by such machinery which is experienced outside of its housing, complies with the Noise At Work Regulations.

Bradgate Containers specialise in creating stand-alone enclosures for plant with appropriate ventilation which also provide a noise reduced environment for a building’s machinery. We have vast experience of fitting essential equipment into difficult or tight spaces, so wherever you want to put your plant, we can probably help with a reliable and effective solution.

In addition to our expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of acoustic containers and enclosures, we also provide the following features for ventilation and noise control:

Weather Louvres
Where the climate, location or industrial processes create large amounts of dust, extra protection can be provided by motorised gravity and fixed blade louvres. There is more information on our Weather Louvres here.

Gravity Louvres
Gravity flap louvres are self-operating pressure relief blades that can be counter balanced for use in areas where the equipment may be sensitive to dust. There is more information about our Gravity Louvres here

Acoustic Doors
We manufacture single and double acoustic doors with a choice of three levels of sound reduction which provides a high degree of noise control. There is more information on our Acoustic Doors here.

Acoustic Louvres
Where space is limited, Bradgate acoustic louvres provide excellent sound attenuation and protection from the weather. The is more information of our Acoustic Louvres here.

Splitter Attenuators
Our splitter attenuators are manufactured to the highest possible specifications to ensure the appropriate level of noise protection. Features include bird mesh, manually operated or motorised louvres and aluminium or stainless-steel construction. There is more information on our Splitter Attenuators here.

With over 35 years’ experience, Bradgate’s finely engineered bespoke containers can be customised to meet your exact needs – whatever they may be. So, if your current plant room could be better utilised for human workers, talk to us about enclosing your plant in a container outside your building.

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