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Containers for the Oil & Gas Industry

Whether offshore or in the middle of a desert, the Oil & Gas Industry requires containers capable of protecting machinery, equipment and humans from the most punishing conditions around the globe.....

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Generator Enclosures

Enclosing a generator in a custom-built enclosure is becoming more accepted as a way of reducing building costs and releasing expensive interior space. Increasingly, architects tasked with maximising the usable space within a building are moving the generator or plant room to the roof or other outside space as a way of exploiting otherwise underused internal space.

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(REB) & (PSP) – Railway Industry

Relocatable Equipment Buildings or REBs, are modular buildings designed to house railway signalling, telecoms and power systems such as UPS systems, alongside the track, allowing safety critical data to be delivered locally. Bradgate Containers are experts in this field....

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Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors provide sound insulation, reducing the level of noise and vibrations experienced outside of a room or container enclosing noisy machinery such as air conditioning or heating plant. Available in different decibel ratings, at Bradgate, we manufacture bespoke products to cater for different industrial needs meaning you get the level of noise control you need for your specific circumstances.

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Weather Louvres

Weather louvres, used in commercial, retail and industrial units are usually installed to protect internal plant and machinery from sand, dust, leaves and rain while maintaining sufficient airflow for the machinery inside.

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Sound Proof Containers

The reason sound proof containers are needed is that diesel generators and other industrial machinery can be extremely loud, so loud in fact, that they can damage the hearing of people working or living nearby. Sound proof containers enclose or isolate noisy machinery located either inside or outside.

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Ventilation Options for Plant Rooms

The case for moving a plant room out of a main office building and into an external, specially designed container is something that can be considered from two separate viewpoints. Firstly, for the benefit of releasing additional workspace for an expanding workforce, especially where space is at a premium, and secondly, for the benefit of any machinery and equipment.

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Acoustic Louvres - Reduce Industrial Noise Levels

Acoustic louvres are often incorporated into the design of a container, enclosure or building to reduce noise levels at source and help meet specific noise reduction requirements within and without the building. Find out more about how they could be designed to improve your building.

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Bradgate Containers – Third Party Accreditation

The containers and enclosures we build at Bradgate are all bespoke to exact customer requirements, so it is important that our customers trust us to build a mechanical design which will not only meet their individual specifications but internationally agreed standards for testing and inspection as well. Every container we build can have documentation certified by an independent body, if required, with expertise in the specific area of certification......

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Bespoke Containers Tailored To Your Needs

Our bespoke containers and enclosures are products that are individually designed for each customer, taking into account their specific needs, whether that be for noise control, safety, electrical or installation issues.

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Offshore Containers in the Petrochemical Industry

The Petrochemical Industry needs equipment and containers to withstand the most grueling of conditions and at Bradgate, we are experts in the field.

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Acoustic Containers – Keeping The Noise Down

“The noise generated by machinery in industrial areas can be a serious hazard to employee health and productivity” Noise can be described as any unwanted sound which....

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Protecting Machinery In Extreme Environments

At Bradgate, we pride ourselves on designing bespoke containers for extreme environments. Our containers are perfect for keeping equipment, or people, safe in a range of environments from desert to Icelandic.

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New claims for work related deafness

Complying with the Noise At Work Regulations

Constant noise above a certain level can cause damage to hearing that is both permeant and disabling. Whilst some damage can be done by sudden loud noises, most employers need to be aware of the harm that can be sustained gradually due to constant loud noise over a period of time. Protect your workers from workplace noise...

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Containers and Modules That Are Made To Last

There are many reasons why you should choose Bradgate Containers to design and manufacture your custom modules and containers, whichever industry you’re in and whatever your requirements are. One of the main reasons is the high standard of our quality equipment, which is always designed to exact specifications and considers relevant standards and legislation.

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Bradgate - Specialising In The Rail Sector

Bradgate Containers design and manufacture a wide range of specialist equipment including containers and modules used in the rail sector.

 At Bradgate, we’ve provided specialist equipment for a range of rail businesses, including major projects such as East Coast, and Midland Mainline.

Network Rail’s approval process is rigorous, but all our equipment is tried tested and approved. 


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Bradgate Containers Ltd - The Complete Package

At Bradgate, we pride ourselves on the complete nature of the service that we provide. From start to finish, our experts will ensure successful completion of your project and the meeting of your requirements, whether you’re looking for an enclosure, module or container. We have expert teams focussed specifically on designing, documentation and standards, as well as other aspects such as fitting and installation.

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Why Choose Specialist Containers From Bradgate?

At Bradgate, we design bespoke containers for the petrochemical industry. Customers often have specific requirements but we provide many valuable features with our product and service as standard, including detail mechanical and electrical design, dedicated project management and quality management.

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Large container being transported on heavy lifting vehicle.

Bradgate purchase Orrmac coatings

Bradgate Containers Group have just completed the purchase of Orrmac Coatings Limited

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Bradgate Ranked 51 on International Track 200

Fast Track has created a network of the UK's top-performing private companies and entrepreneurs

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Large module being lowered inot place on ship.

Bradgate involved in the largest natural gas development in Australian history

Bradgate Containers have recently shipped the first two field equipment rooms (FERs) for The Gorgon Project

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One module being winched on to a plane.

By road and air to a remote site

Bradgate delivered a series of nine modules to a remote petrochemical site in Chad.

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Offshore containers in use.

Meeting DNV and BS standards

Bradgate produces offshore containers for pumping equipment and generator sets

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Large single unit, weighing 108 tonnes, being transported.

Wide load rolls in to UK refinery

This combined heat and power module distributes all the power for processes at the refinery

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Dual fuel at power station

A 30ft portable transmitter container manufactured for Varian TVT in use at Emley Moor transmission site.

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