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Enclosing a generator in a custom-built enclosure is becoming more accepted as a way of reducing building costs and releasing expensive interior space. Increasingly, architects tasked with maximising the usable space within a building are moving the generator or plant room to the roof or other outside space as a way of exploiting otherwise underused internal space.


In renovations of older buildings, upgrading the plant room to meet Health and Safety standards can require significant investment and retrofitting of ventilation and heat controls. It is simply easier to place the generator out of the building. The right housing not only makes this possible, but cost effective too.


Generator enclosures need to provide:

• Weather protection

• Ventilation

• Noise reduction

• Maintenance Access

• Security against unlawful access and vandalism

• Visual appeal


Weather Protection

While a simple metal enclosure can offer protection against the rain, plant also needs protection from the condensation created by changes in temperature. Depending on the generator and the location, this may require specialist insulation.



Diesel generators need airflow and ventilation to keep the equipment cool enough to continue working optimally and to prevent a build-up of dangerous fumes.


External Noise Reduction

Soundproofing in built up areas is nearly always necessary. In residential areas there are site specific regulations, with some locations requiring less than 60dBA at 1m from the generator.


Maintenance Access

For routine maintenance, either doors or apertures are required in a generator enclosure. Both the doors and the seals around them need to be designed to keep out the weather and to maintain the required level of sound dampening.


Enclosure Security

All plant, wherever it is located, needs to have a reasonable level of protection against break ins and vandalism. Depending on the specification, crossbar locks prevent the doors of a container being prised open.


Additionally, if required, a lock box can be welded to the container. As these can only be accessed from the underside, they prevent potential thieves accessing the container with bolt cutters or angle grinders.


If required, an anti-vandal paint finish can be specified to make it harder for vandals to gain access to the roof of the building.


Bespoke Container Modifications

Depending on your needs, Bradgate offer a number of custom modifications to make your container as efficient as possible:


• Often containers are equipped with one door, but if required can be manufactured with double doors at each end, allowing easier access to equipment on both sides.

• Viewing windows can be built in for visual access to the control panel.

• Slam lock fastening doors.


We have considerable expertise in designing containers and enclosures for plant, which often need to be positioned in hard to reach locations. Our installation teams are highly skilled in electrical and mechanical installations whatever the position.


If you would like to read more, we have a case study on generator enclosures which provides more information.


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