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Fully Welded
Railway equipment modules

Welder in action.

Single or multiple room modules/containers designed to accommodate LV and MV Switchgear, UPS and batteries.

Product FeaturesStandards & Regulations

Product Features

  • Shallow apex to container roof to discourage rainwater ponding
  • Personnel access doors, each fitted with external single point locking slam lock external handle and internal push pad panic release
  • Internal false floor or overhead cable management
  • Side or bottom cable access
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Lighting, small power, earthing all to NR Standards

Standards & Regulations

  • The above to be installed and tested in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Regulations
  • External finish painted to BS4800/BS381C/RAL colour in a Network Rail approved system
  • IP56 protection
An example of fully welded railway equipment.
Welder working on a fully welded Bradgate module.