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Whether offshore or in the middle of a desert, the Oil & Gas Industry requires containers capable of protecting machinery, equipment and humans from the most punishing conditions in the harshest of environments around the globe.

In locations where temperatures can range from +45°C in summer to -45°C in winter, you need a manufacturer with the experience and expertise to:


a) create containers which will keep machinery and personnel warm, or cool, in these extreme environments.

b) transport and install large units to remote locations.

c) re-commission the modules in situ with power, fire and gas protection as well as HVAC.


Built to the same dimensions as a shipping container, Bradgate provide containers that are bespoke to customer needs. So, whether you need an accommodation unit, offices, workshops or switching units, Bradgate have the ability to provide containers which will withstand the extremes of temperature as well as any chemical saturation in the atmosphere.Whilst being long lasting and functionable.


However challenging the external environment, Bradgate have the construction skills. disciplines and knowledge to develop engineering solutions which will meet your requirements. For instance, temperature can be controlled by using a combination of fan ventilation and air conditioning as well as thermal linings for floor, wall, roof and door areas. External coatings can be used to protect against atmospheric corrosion.


Our experience with container construction means that we always find a solution, regardless of the problem.


Container Features

  • Containers are manufactured to withstand harsh offshore and onshore conditions.

  • Top and bottom lifting to make installation and removal as easy as possible.

  • Fully load tested.

  • Integrated pre-testing.

  • Quick Connections for power, telecoms and alarms.

  • Access stairs and landing platforms.

  • Supply, install & test of HVAC-P system.

  • Ductwork for air conditioning.

  • Fire and gas detection systems.

  • Heating to maintain an optimal internal temperature.

  • Access doors manufactured to the same exacting standards.

  • High performance paint systems for external protection.

  • All units are manufactured and designed to meet customer requirements and are DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079 certified.


Bradgate are experts in the manufacture of containers and have considerable experience in the oil and gas industry. For information on any of our products and services and how we might be able to help you, contact Bradgate on 01509 508678 or email