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Both onshore and offshore, the Petrochemical Industry needs equipment and containers to withstand the most grueling of conditions – whether that be the salt water and wind-lashed rigs in the North Sea or the blazing sun in the Gulf of Mexico.


In environments which can be over 60 miles offshore, the equipment used in these demanding and complex conditions must function to specification 100% of the time. In such 24-hour operations, there is no room for breakdowns. When the weather is bad, it may be days before spare parts can be shipped in.


At Bradgate, we understand the challenging and complex needs of the Petrochemical Industry and our containers, whether to contain and protect machinery or to provide a comfortable working space, are designed to meet the specific needs of this industry.


Containers to Protect Machinery

Essential machinery can be adversely affected by salt water, heat or chemicals. Protection from the elements is critical to keep machinery running on a 24/7 basis. Made of stainless steel and coated to withstand the harshest of conditions, our containers protect machinery around the globe.



Container Safety

Containers can be built to be blast proof as well as keeping out harsh weather conditions. They can include ancillary equipment such as fire dampers, fire and gas detection systems, fire extinguishing systems and coalescer filtration.


Preventing Dust and Water Ingress

We can offer IP56 protection for all containers – which  means that water from heavy seas or water projected from jets can not enter a container in any harmful quantity. IP56 also provides complete protection against the ingress of dust, sand and other fine particles.


DNV Rated Containers

DNV is a certification for containers that are going to be used offshore. Any containers exposed to open seas are required to be constructed with materials which can withstand harsh conditions such as mild and stainless-steel. Many of the containers that Bradgate supply are permanently installed offshore for specific tasks including laboratories, workshops and control stations.


Containers to Protect People

Excessive noise from machinery can make a miserable working environment and there is considerable evidence that workers exposed to extreme or repetitive noise can end up suffering with hearing damage and loss. 


At Bradgate, we have considerable experience in producing containers where sound attenuation is a critical part of the design.


Ancillary Container Equipment

Depending on the exact requirement for the workspace, containers can also be fitted with additional equipment such as:


• Lighting to all specifications

• Access doors

• Blast proofing

• Sloping roof for rain discharge

• Fire dampers


At Bradgate, whatever your specification, regardless of how detailed or particular, our expert engineers can build a unit to meet your needs and the requirements of the petrochemical industry – whether onshore or off-shore.


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