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At Bradgate, we pride ourselves on the complete nature of the service that we provide. From start to finish, our experts will ensure successful completion of your project and the meeting of your requirements, whether you’re looking for an enclosure, module or container. We have expert teams focussed specifically on designing, documentation and standards, as well as other aspects such as fitting and installation.



Bradgate’s design team use special 3D designing software that provides accuracy to specifications of your exact site, considering operational conditions as well as site requirements. Our design team are clued up on all aspects of the design requirements needed by our clients’ industries, including thermal engineering, noise control/acoustic engineering, and blast analysis of structures. At Bradgate, we use innovation in design to reduce risk and minimise costs in the long run for our clients by eliminating the risk of design flaws before manufacture. Our team have a wide range of experience in designing customised modules, containers and enclosures for a variety of industries including the oil & gas sectors, and the rail industry.



We understand the importance of paperwork and documentation at Bradgate – whether it’s for management, administration or just for peace of mind, you can rest assured that Bradgate will provide you with all the relevant documentation and design proof for your project. Our in-house engineers can assist you with any queries about documentation, and produce the necessary information and calculations to satisfy the most stringent specification. The documentation we can provide includes:

> Quality management

> Technical documentation

> Structural & mechanical design

 > Fire rating

>  Acoustic design

> HVAC design


More detailed information about the specific documents our engineers provide can be found on our Documentation and Calculation page.



Our engineering team works tirelessly to ensure all projects carried out by Bradgate meet all the relevant specifications. We appreciate the need for high spec equipment, particularly for the oil, gas and rail industries, as well as the petrochemical industry which often requires both onshore and offshore containers for its activities. Safety and protection is essential both for people and equipment, hence why we strive to keep to date with all relevant standards for each respective industry or sector.


At Bradgate, we are specialists in the design, manufacture, complete fit-out and installation of containers, purpose-built modules and enclosures. We provide our clients with a complete package, to ensure we reach your requirements with a seamless service.

 For more information about the services we provide besides manufacture, contact us on 01509 508678, email or use the contact form on our website.