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The containers and enclosures we build at Bradgate are all bespoke to exact customer requirements, so it is important that our customers trust us to build a mechanical design which will not only meet their individual specifications but internationally agreed standards for testing and inspection as well.


Every container we build can have documentation certified by an independent body, if required, with expertise in the specific area of certification. Third party accreditation allows us to maintain reliability, efficiency and compliance in the structural and mechanical integrity. Ensuring Health & Safety compliance is also a fundamental part of each design with reference to lives, the environment and hazards that may pertain to the installation.


At Bradgate, we work with the following international expert providers: Lloyds DNV ABS BV (Bureau Veritas) which means that our customers can have full confidence that the design and manufacturing techniques and documentation used in the manufacture of all Bradgate Containers has been subject to a thorough assessment by an independent organisation which has determined that that our products comply with specific technical standards for quality, performance and safety.


The components parts that require third party certification are:

  • Material suitability
  • Structural Analysis and Design Manufacturing Process including welding Electrical design and implementation
  • Lifting Documentation


We also have an in-house team at Bradgate who are all highly qualified and experienced engineers that can produce the necessary information and calculations to ensure the containers we manufacture for our customers meet the most stringent specifications. Our fabricators are handpicked with welders being Lloyds approved. With every container or enclosure made in the UK, Bradgate customers can have full confidence in the quality of the product at every stage of its manufacture.


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