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Acoustic Louvres - How Reduce Industrial Noise LevelsLatest News

Where industrial pumps, generators, air conditioning units, and other machinery are installed, the challenge of minimising unwanted noise needs specialist knowledge and a complete engineered solution to provide optimum sound attenuation.


Acoustic louvres are often incorporated into the design of a container, enclosure or building to reduce noise levels at source and help meet specific noise reduction requirements within and without the building. They are also installed for providing building ventilation.

Here at Bradgate Containers, when we design a container or enclosure for expensive and often sensitive machinery, we also consider additional factors such as moisture ingress into the enclosure at the design stage to ensure the container protects the machinery, reduces external noise pollution but also allows air movement.


Our design engineers ensure that louvres are positioned and fixed at specific angles depending on the desired sound attenuation and to ensure rain does not enter the enclosure. Additionally, in certain environments, the effects of condensation need to be considered. This is why the blades of our acoustic louvres can, if required, be constructed from chemically inert, non-hygroscopic materials.


Other characteristics of our louvre blades include:

• non-combustible to BS476 Part 4 1981

• 45kgs/m3 in density

• V under section formed from 1.6mm galvanised steel mesh


Velocity is approximately 7.5m/sec/1500 ft/min, however, alternative velocity requirements can be achieved, so whatever your needs, don't hesitate to contact us. 


Alternative Options

Bradgate Containers also offer less engineered solutions and optional extras, which can be discussed during the planning of a container. These include where appropriate:


• Where moisture ingress is not an issue, the blades can be constructed of aluminium or stainless steel.

• Bird mesh can be used to keep debree from entering vents and other openings.

• A variety of paint finishes, which can be colour matched to branding, prevent vandalism or be finished to any other specification you may require.

Further information on our Acoustic Louvres for sound attenuated containers can be found here.


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