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Plant rooms containing machinery which requires soundproofing need acoustic doors to allow access to the room without compromising the overall soundproofing of the room. Acoustic doors fulfil that requirement.


What is an Acoustic Door?

Acoustic doors provide sound insulation, reducing the level of noise and vibrations experienced outside of a room or container enclosing noisy machinery such as air conditioning or heating plant, whilst still offering access to the machinery inside.

Available in different decibel ratings, at Bradgate, we manufacture bespoke products to cater to different industrial needs. This means that you get the level of noise control you need for your specific circumstances.


What Level of Soundproofing is Needed?

The level of soundproofing required in any situation depends on the:

i. Decibel (dB) level – dB is used to measure sound – the higher the number, the louder the noise level. Regular exposure to noise levels above 85 Db for long periods can result in temporary or permanent hearing loss. In essence, the louder the machinery, the higher the level of soundproofing required.

ii. The location of the plant - if your plant is located within an urban area, it may require a higher level of soundproofing than if situated within a factory where people are required to wear ear protectors as a matter of course.

iii. The level of soundproofing of the room in which the machinery is contained – if your plant room is soundproofed to 45dB, then the acoustic door will need to be soundproofed to that level also.


What Specifications Should You Look for in an Acoustic Door

Depending on your needs, the features you may need to look for include:

i. Different levels of sound reduction from 30dB to 45dB.

ii. Door seals with high performance standards, designed for industrial use. Where appropriate they should include weather resistance, guard against dust, sand and insects as well as providing an appropriate level of acoustic performance.

iii. Lockable slam fastener

iv. Luminous panic bolt

v. Single or double doors manufactured to fit


At Bradgate, we manufacture both single and double acoustic doors with a choice of 3 levels of sound reduction 30dB, 35dB and 45dB. All our bespoke acoustic doors are manufactured to order. We have a skilled design team, experienced in design, construction and installation, which ensures you get the level of soundproofing you need. For further information see our Plant Room Acoustic Doors page.


Bradgate are experts in the manufacture of acoustic doors for containers. For information on any of our products and services, contact Bradgate on 01509 508678 or email