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Acoustic Containers – Keeping The Noise DownLatest News

The noise generated by machinery in industrial areas can be a serious hazard to employee health and productivity.


Noise can be described as any unwanted sound which disturbs concentration. The effects of constant and high noise levels can cause far reaching physical and psychological damage including:


• Noise induced hearing loss

• Tinnitus

• Headaches and fatigue

• Hypertension

• Cardiovascular disease

• Increased mental stress


According to The Natural Energy Hub, excessive noise levels have been shown to increase fear, aggression and cause changes to the physiological functions of animals. It would be unsurprising to find similar effects in humans as a result of constant ongoing high levels of noise.


The Effects of Noise on Employees

Noise can cause problems in communication as well as concentration. In noisy surroundings it is possible for instructions to be misheard or misunderstood, creating potential safety and productivity problems.


Numerous studies have shown that excessive noise is a primary cause of reductions in productivity. In fact, it has been suggested that UK employers lose £30 billion each year through lost production, recruitment and absence.


With employee costs going up due to wages, pensions and national insurance increases, it is becoming ever more important to increase worker productivity. In addition, staff turnover leads to losses in production due to the time it takes to recruit and train a replacement.


All the more reason to look after your employees and perhaps nothing is more important than maintaining a good working environment with a low level of ambient noise for a happy, healthy and productive workforce.


The Effect of Noise on Others

In the workplace, business owners have a duty of care to protect workers, and indeed anyone who comes into contact with the business from harm.


Local residents, where people living nearby may also be adversely affected by constant levels of industrial noise are equally important to consider from a Health and Safety viewpoint, when installing machinery.


Containers For Noisy Machinery

Where industrial processes have noise levels over 85 decibels, it is advisable to isolate that machinery within a container which reduces the noise at source leaving the workforce or neighbours in a quieter and thus, safer environment.


Bradgate offer simple and economic solutions to reduce noise, limit vibrations and lower the risk of fire. Where practical, noisy machinery can be isolated within a container, reducing the noise at source and leaving anyone in the vicinity in a relatively quiet and safe environment.


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