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Cardiff Operations Centre

Network Rail have committed £37.5bn to develop the UK’ railway infrastructure up to 2019. As part this project, and to replace 800 outmoded signal boxes, Network Rail are building 14 state of the art rail operating centres around the UK. The latest to be built is the new £16.5 million Wales Railway Operations Centre at […]

Built To Last: Network Rail low-maintenance requirement

How will the world look 60 years from now? It’s impossible to say, but it’s a safe to guess mobile phones, televisions and cars will all look very different. Bradgate build modules and containers that are built to last, and are adaptable to changes in future technologies. (Most rail in the UK runs on 25Kva […]

West Coast Mainline Commission

The west coast main line is the busiest mixed-traffic railway route in Europe,  and the most important intercity rail passenger route in the UK. As part of seven figure contract Bradgate were commissioned by a client working on upgrading the line to deliver 9 bespoke switchgear modules, each housing a 25kV Switchgear needed as part […]