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Generator Enclosures: Do You Really Need One?

In present day building designers are looking more and more at ways they can get the most out of every bit of space within a building, and this is leading to generators being placed outside the building. Particularly in large-scale renovations it is cheaper and easier to fit the new generator outdoors and this is […]

How To Calculate The Required Louvre Size

Acoustic Louvres are designed and built to reduce noise levels at source and help meet specific noise reduction requirements within and without the building, whilst still providing ventilation. When looking to either install or have one implemented within a prupose built enclosure, working out the size of the louvre you will need is of great […]

Advantages of Modular Containers

What is a modular container? This is a new way of constructing buildings using fewer materials, maintaining durability, and finding better ways to save time, space and money. The containers and enclosures made and supplied by Bradgate Containers can be used in a wide range of sectors, from railways and plants to petrochemical on and […]

Pros & Cons of Plastic vs Metal for Custom Enclosures

When it comes to engineering projects, even the smallest of details need to be considered to ensure that the design is successful. Not only are the dimensions of your new enclosure important, but the material you choose your enclosure to be made from are too. The conditions the new enclosure will be required to endure […]