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Advantages of Modular Containers

What is a modular container?

This is a new way of constructing buildings using fewer materials, maintaining durability, and finding better ways to save time, space and money. The containers and enclosures made and supplied by Bradgate Containers can be used in a wide range of sectors, from railways and plants to petrochemical on and offshore facilities. They provide the much needed housing for equipment that offers so many benefits to businesses, as well as ensuring equipment is safe.

So, what exactly are the advantages of modular containers?

1. Time Saving

Having one of these containers will reduce construction on site by about 80%, as the majority of these structures can be built offsite and installed once ready.

2. Environmental Friendly

As there is less construction, using less materials, it is easier to ensure that the materials used are eco-friendly and/or recycled. With some modular containers being adapted from disused shipping containers or a second-hand modular container.

3. Cost-Effective

There are fewer materials needed, less work and time required to build them, resulting in the business saving money in the long run compared to other building projects. 

4. Visually Pleasing

Modular containers can be as eye-catching or discreet as the business would like. If the housing container is supposed to blend into its surroundings this can be facilitated through the powder-coating of the exterior. Likewise, if the housing container needs to represent the company and brand it is owned by, this can be accommodated through powder-coating with the company colours and company signage can be added to the exterior walls. 

5. Flexibility & Adaptability

Not only can the company ordering the modular container choose the exact size they want, but they can choose the exact placement onsite for it as they won’t have to dig foundations for it. These containers can be as big or small as needed, depending on how much work room is needed around stationary equipment, and can go next to the office/plant building, in the car park or within the garden. Giving plenty of flexibility to grow and expand the business, whilst saving space.

They can also be easily moved once placed should a better location be identified, or they need to be reused in a different location.

6. Durable

Materials used to make these containers or enclosures are long-lasting, and can withstand different environmental pressures such as; wind, rain, heat and much more. They can be fitted with louvres to help regulate heat within the container, ensuring air can get in but that rain, damp and pests can’t get inside. Sound-proofing is also something that the materials used when constructing these containers can offer. So, if the equipment being housed does not comply with noise regulations (for example the container will be near houses), then noise control can be ensured through using the right materials and padding to dampen noise emitted.

Bradgate Containers offer a wide range of features that can be added when we design, manufacture and install your purpose-built modular housing container. Our products are individually designed for each customer’s needs, and we offer services and back-up that ensure the equipment can be installed and working on site as quickly as possible. 

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