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Container & Enclosure Safety For Power Generation & Plants

There are a wide range of reasons to trust Bradgate with the manufacture of your enclosure or container for power generation and plant machinery, but the main one is safety. As well as designing and manufacturing to the highest standard, as an employer you can be rest assured that not only is your machinery protected, but also your employees.

The noise generated by machinery in industrial areas can be a serious hazard to employee health and productivity. In these environments, Bradgate offer simple and economic solutions to reduce noise and lower the risk of fire.

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Large container being transported on heavy lifting vehicle.

Bradgate purchase Orrmac coatings

Bradgate Containers Group have just completed the purchase of Orrmac Coatings Limited

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Bradgate Ranked 51 on International Track 200

Fast Track has created a network of the UK's top-performing private companies and entrepreneurs

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Large module being lowered inot place on ship.

Bradgate involved in the largest natural gas development in Australian history

Bradgate Containers have recently shipped the first two field equipment rooms (FERs) for The Gorgon Project

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One module being winched on to a plane.

By road and air to a remote site

Bradgate delivered a series of nine modules to a remote petrochemical site in Chad.

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Offshore containers in use.

Meeting DNV and BS standards

Bradgate produces offshore containers for pumping equipment and generator sets

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Large single unit, weighing 108 tonnes, being transported.

Wide load rolls in to UK refinery

This combined heat and power module distributes all the power for processes at the refinery

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Dual fuel at power station

A 30ft portable transmitter container manufactured for Varian TVT in use at Emley Moor transmission site.

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